21-24 March 2019

O.A.K. Youth Theatre`s Beauty and the Beast will be staged at the Mardi Gras Theatre.

The story of Belle is a classic story of true love that prevails in the end. We get to know Belle as a young lady from a small town where everybody thinks she is odd as she loves to read books. The gregarious Gaston, sets his eyes on the beautiful Belle and decides that she will be his future bride, much to the delight of Gaston`s side kick, Le Fou. The Beast captures Belle`s father, Maurice when he tries to pick Belle a beautiful rose in a garden, not knowing that he is in fact on the Beast`s property.

While on a quest to find her father, Belle happens to discover the Beast`s castle. What Belle encounters at the castle is somewhat confusing, as she has never before met a talking Teapot, a grumpy Clock, a boisterous Feather duster and a charming Candlestick. However, with a very nifty plan, she swops places with her father and finds herself to be the grumpy and discontented Beast`s prisoner.
The show is filled with beautiful costumes, made and supplied by Hollywood Costumes and the songs will have every one tap a toe or two to the beat.
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